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"Livin The Life" .... Click here to listen to my production with co-writer and recording artist Dale Goodie!

Click here to play "I'm Free", a positive upbeat song written by John Durant and Kathlena Luft!

John Durant
Photo by Vernon Roberts

Welcome to my website!

   My name is John Durant, and I'm an active multi-genre songwriter,composer, and producer affiliated with BMI in Nashville, Tennessee. I own a home studio capable of producing finished masters for artists and for music placements in film and television. I record songs and instrumentals across a wide spectrum including rock, blues, jazz, country and symphonic productions.   
I primarily created this website to showcase my music, but I also want to introduce folks to my other creative efforts. I've always had a lot of creative energy to burn, and I find that each form of art helps to reinforce my other artistic disciplines. I believe that working with visual arts can help stimulate my songwriting, and I found that working with photography and video comes in handy for promotional uses on the internet. I usually set aside a little time for freelance writing and poetry to take a break from the confines of writing music lyrics, and I've added music and pictures to the poetry pages for a "multimedia-style" presentation. My art and photography pages are further down the navigator bar, and feature some of my original oil paintings and reference photos. I've also included some art-related articles, and hope to be writing some how-to articles when I get a little more time. 

I hope that you find something in this site that touches your heart in some way.

  Thanks for stopping by!


"Drunk Man with Alley Cat"
Original oil painting by John Durant

 A drunk man sitting in an alleyway picks up and pets his new found friend, a stray alleycat. In a sense they're both "strays" without anyone to go home to, and no one to love them. Together they find a little comfort and peace in their otherwise cold, cruel world. 



John at Nashville Zoo











 "A Sweet Escape"

Copyright March 2011 by John Durant


I rest my aged scarred hands

on the eighty eight

black and white keys

and make my mind

a blank canvas


I tap a few notes

to begin my journey:

life's shackles

fall to the floor

with a heavy metallic clank 


I saddle and mount

my spirit horse

and steer her

toward the open gate

onto an endless beach,

through an alpine meadow,

up to the clouds and beyond;

past planets, stars, and galaxies


to far away places

within myself


infinite possibilities

and adventures await me 


What a sweet escape... 








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