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NEW Country Song "Quickdraw" by John Durant and Kathlena Luft - copyright September 2013

Check out this cool new country tune by clicking on the link below! 

click here to Play "Quickdraw"

"Livin The Life" released to Canadian Radio! Click here to listen to my production with co-writer and recording artist Dale Goodie!

John at Nashville Zoo


Click here to play "I'm Free", a positive upbeat song written by John Durant and Kathlena Luft!

Welcome to my website!

   My name is John Durant, and I'm a songwriter/composer (BMI) in Nashville, Tennessee. I created this website to showcase my music, and also to introduce folks to my other creative efforts. I have a great interest in freelance writing and poetry to take a break from the confines of writing music lyrics, and many of my articles have been published on the "Helium" website. I write about various subjects, and I've provided article links to the Helium site which can be found by clicking on the "John's Helium Articles" button on the navigator bar to the left. I've added music and pictures to the poetry pages for a "multimedia-style" presentation. I hope you enjoy it!  Smile My art and photography pages are further down the navigator bar, and feature some of my original oil paintings and reference photos. I've also included some art-related articles, and hope to be writing some how-to articles when I get a little more time. 

I hope that you find something in this site that touches your heart in some way, and I hope that you'll visit on a regular basis!

  Thanks for stopping by!

"Drunk Man with Alley Cat"
Original oil painting by John Durant

 A drunk man sitting in an alleyway picks up and pets his new found friend, a stray alleycat. In a sense they're both "strays" without anyone to go home to, and no one to love them. Together they find a little comfort and peace in their otherwise cold, cruel world. 













 "A Sweet Escape"

Copyright March 2011 by John Durant


I rest my aged scarred hands

on the eighty eight

black and white keys

and make my mind

a blank canvas


I tap a few notes

to begin my journey:

life's shackles

fall to the floor

with a heavy metallic clank 


I saddle and mount

my spirit horse

and steer her

toward the open gate

onto an endless beach,

through an alpine meadow,

up to the clouds and beyond;

past planets, stars, and galaxies


to far away places

within myself


infinite possibilities

and adventures await me 


What a sweet escape... 








Click here to see my St George's Island vacation photos! Enjoy!

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I've had some feedback that some visitors have had trouble navigating this site. I'm trying to come up with ideas that will help solve this issue. Here are some tips that I hope will be useful:

1) Navigator Bar - The navigator bar to the left of the page is the easiest way to move around my site. These are included on every page in my website, and some of these navigator bars are across the top of the page instead of the left side. Just click on the button of the desired page and you'll be taken to that page immediately. 

2) Links - Some pages include links to other pages in this site (or other sites). These links are usually in the form of a single word, a sentence, or a button. For example, if a link says "Click here to go to my forum", then just place your mouse pointer over that sentence; your mouse pointer will turn into a hand, indicating that this is a link. Just click when when your mouse pointer turns into a hand, and you will be redirected to the page that you want. Remember, you can always click on your "back" button to go to previous pages.

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Smile I hope these tips helped a little. I'll always be looking for ways to make this site more enjoyable and easier to navigate. Please feel free to email me at johnpdurant@hotmail.com if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions about this site. Thank you very much for visiting!  John